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Stress-related memory impairments are modulated by the synergistic action of stress hormones: implications for PTSD

Review of: Chen et al. Converging, Synergistic Actions of Multiple Stress Hormones Mediate Enduring Memory Impairments after Acute Simultaneous Stresses. The Journal of Neuroscience, November 2, 2016. 36(44):11295–11307

Authors: Natalie Matosin1* and Cristiana Cruceanu1*


Main text: Stress constitutes an organism’s essential physiological response to the environment, and it exerts variable influences on memory depending on the context, type, and duration of the stressor (Vogel and Schwabe, 2016). Generally, acute stressors are thought to boost memory formation, possibly as a survival mechanism, whereas exposure to chronic stress is associated with impaired memory formation, or stress-induced amnesia. This phenomenon is believed to be a defense mechanism to reduce psychological damage caused by excessive adversity. Continue reading…